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50 Ways Farmers Can Protect Their Groundwater
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19. Band Herbicides and Cultivate


When you apply herbicides in a band over the rows, you need to use the cultivator to control weeds between the rows. Although the yield data are mixed, certain studies suggest that the combination of banding and cultivation may give yields a small boost.

In addition to the potential for increased yields, banding means the use of less chemical product since the application is made only over the rows. This reduces the potential for groundwater contamination, and some researchers say that it can also reduce expenses. They say that the reduction in herbicide costs more than makes up for the cost of additional cultivation.

cultivating The drawback is that over the long run, cultivation loosens the surface soil and decreases the amount of surface residue, so you can expect soil erosion to increase. In addition, cultivation is a time-consuming practice.
cultivating If you do not cultivate carefully, at the right time, or with properly adjusted equipment, you can prune the crop's roots, bend and break some plants, or compact the soil. What's more, rainy weather could delay cultivation during a critical time.

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