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50 Ways Farmers Can Protect Their Groundwater
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25. Consider Other Critical Pesticide Qualities

factors about a pesticide's environmental impact

Whenever you consider the impact of pesticide on groundwater, the leaching potential is the place to start, but it isn't the place to end your evaluation.

Many other factors shape your decision about a pesticide's environmental impact. Three of the most important are the use rate, the toxicity to specific organisms, and the formulation.

pesticides The application rate of a pesticide will greatly affect the likelihood that a pesticide will reach groundwater. Some of the newer pesticides on the market can be applied at very low rates, decreasing the risk.
honey bee When selecting pesticides, be aware of the plant and animal life in your area, and take necessary precautions. An insecticide may have a low use rate and low potential for leaching. But it is still a wrong choice if it is particularly toxic to honeybees in the area.
pesticides In most cases, different pesticide formulations do not pose different risks to groundwater—except in one case. In general, microencapsulated formulations can decrease leaching.

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