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57 Ways To Protect Your Home Environment (and Yourself)
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2. Cut the Grass Without Gas

electric mower

Whether you are in the market for a new lawn mower or are buying your first one, this an ideal time to consider switching to an electric or an old-fashioned reel mower.

According to the U.S. EPA, electric mowers are half as loud as gas mowers, use 70 percent less energy than gas mowers, and require no maintenance, oil, gas, or tune-ups. Electric mowers start at the push of a button, and many of them are cordless.

gas powered mower

Gas-powered lawn mowers, in contrast, are significant sources of air pollution. Using a gas-powered lawn mower for one hour releases as many hydrocarbons into the atmosphere as driving a car 50 miles, says the EPA. Many homeowners also dispose of oil improperly, further damaging the environment.
mowing with an electric mower

Electric mowers are available in either push or riding varieties, and as discharge or mulching mowers. The 12-volt models take about a day to completely recharge. The 24-volt models have a built-in recharger and can be completely recharged in about 16 hours. The 36-volt models, which are riding mowers, charge in about 8½ hours.
reel mower

In addition, good old-fashioned reel mowers–push mowers without an engine—are still relatively easy to find. You can purchase them from mail-order catalogs or from many home-and-garden and hardware stores.

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