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60 Ways Farmers Can Protect Surface Water
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Producing Food & Protecting Water: The Nature of Your Job

In more ways than one, it pays to protect water quality.

60 Ways Farmers Can Protect Surface Water contains a wealth of ideas on how to protect the quality of our lakes and streams without sacrificing production. It provides great information with no complicated theories or technical jargon. Just practical advice on ways to cut unnecessary costs and prevent your greatest resource--your soil--from washing away.

Find ways to…

  • Manage crop residue throughout the year
  • Control runoff water on steeply sloping land
  • Use pesticides and fertilizers more effectively
  • Manage runoff from livestock buildings
  • Protect the health of your herd and the quality of water supplies

"You're sure to find some good ideas in 60 Ways Farmers Can Protect Surface Water…Many of the practices can boost profits
as well as protect water." (Farm Journal magazine)


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