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60 Ways Farmers Can Protect  Surface Water
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11. Use No-till When Renovating Pasture

Pasture "Pasture renovation" usually means changing the plant species in a pasture to increase pasture quality and productivity. However, before seeding new grasses and legumes, you need to reduce the competition from existing pasture plants, and many producers do that by tilling the slope.

The result: The slopes are exposed to erosion. This is a significant concern because pastureland is often steep land that is not suitable for row crops; therefore, extensive tillage during renovation can expose bare soil to extremely high levels of erosion.

Tractor in a pasture With developments in herbicides and no-till seeders, the no-till option is an effective alternative to tilling the slope. Using a herbicide to subdue existing pasture plants and then seeding with a no-till seeder has proven successful in many research trials and farm seedings. It also keeps the slope better protected from the erosive forces of rain and runoff.

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