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60 Ways Farmers Can Protect  Surface Water
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20. Install Water and Sediment Control Basin

water and sediment control basin If installing a terrace is impractical on your land, you might want to go with a water and sediment control basin—a short, earthen dam built across a drainageway. It's commonly referred to as a WASCOB (pronounced WOSS-COB).

A water and sediment control basin traps sediment and runoff, reducing flooding and gully erosion and improving the farmability of a field. However, water and sediment control basins should not be used as a substitute for terraces in areas where you can use terraces.

Water and Sediment Control Basin The cross section of the basin's ridge can vary. Both slopes and the top of the embankment can be suitable for farming; one slope can be steep and vegetated, while the other is suitable for farming; or both slopes can be steep and vegetated.
basin Build the basin large enough to control the runoff, without overtopping, from a 10-year, 24-hour frequency storm (the heaviest 24-hour rainfall that can be expected, on average, every 10 years). The uncontrolled area draining into a basin should not exceed 30 acres.

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