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60 Ways Farmers Can Protect  Surface Water
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21. Use Diversions

Diversions A diversion is a graded channel, constructed across the slope with a ridge running along its lower side. It conveys water away from its present source to another location.

Diversions often function like terraces. But whereas a terrace is part of a larger system, a diversion often stands alone, serving one specific purpose. Also, a diversion typically handles a greater flow of water coming from a larger area than an individual terrace does. Do not use diversions as a substitute for terraces.

Uses for Diversions Diversions have many uses of their own, such as: to divert water away from gullies, farm buildings, feedlots, and bottomlands; to collect or direct water to a pond; to break up concentrations of water on long, gentle slopes and on slopes too irregular or flat for terraces; to protect a terrace system by diverting water away from the uppermost terrace; and to protect lowlands from flooding.

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