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60 Ways Farmers Can Protect  Surface Water
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32. Keep Livestock Out Of Water

livestock in a stream

By cutting off the access of livestock to streams and ponds with fencing, you reduce your animals' contact with waterborne bacteria that can cause bovine leptospirosis, mastitis, and other ailments.

It also reduces the risk of leg injury, which can occur when livestock walk on crumbling banks.

vegetation buffer zone The buffer zone of vegetation growing between the fence and stream provides erosion-control, as does keeping livestock away from the streambank. In Ohio, researchers found that fencing cattle away from a stream cut soil erosion by 40 percent and reduced the amount of sediment reaching the stream by 50 percent.
multistrand, high-tensile fence Use multistrand, high-tensile fences, which can be electrified. There is less risk of the fence being washed out than with ordinary woven wire fences. For interior paddock fences, animals accustomed to electric fences can often be controlled by one strand of wire.
pressure tanks In providing an alternative water supply to your animals, use a pressure tank in the system because it reduces the cycling of the pump. Rapid, repeated cycling reduces the life of the pump motor and pumping efficiency.

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