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60 Ways Farmers Can Protect  Surface Water
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33. Divert Runoff Water

Diverting clean water around a feedlot

Diverting clean water around a feedlot prevents the excessive erosion of manure solids from the lot and increases the effectiveness of settling basins or other solid-liquid separation equipment.

Diverting runoff also protects the quality of nearby streams—something that is not being done in this photo. It even pays off economically.

Holding Pond Without a gutter system on your livestock buildings, you have additional water running into your holding pond. This means your holding pond must have a greater capacity, increasing construction expenses. In addition, it costs money to remove the additional dirty water whenever you dewater the holding pond.
feedlot Prevent rain water from entering the feedlot by using gutters and downspouts to handle water coming from building rooftops. Keep in mind that standard roof gutters and downspouts are not adequate for runoff from large roofs.
Gutters and Open Channels Divert water around the feedlot, buildings, or farmstead with terraces or channels—either paved or earthen. The most common earthen channels are grassed waterways with a roughly trapezoidal cross section.

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