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60 Ways Farmers Can Protect  Surface Water
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8. Select Vigorous Perennial Pasture Species

Forage Plants An excellent stand of forage plants on highly erodible land is unsurpassed in protecting surface water from eroding soil. But getting an excellent stand hinges on the selection of the right forage species.

Planting a pasture field to a single species is risky, because a single insect, disease, or environmental condition could destroy the entire pasture. Plant a mixture of forage perennial grasses and legumes in the same permanent pasture.

Matching forage ... You get the most production and the most protection against erosion if you match perennial pasture plants to your animals, soil, and environmental conditions. First, match forages to the ruminant nutrient requirements.
Forage Selection... Next, select perennial grasses based on their “booting date” and perennial legumes based on their “bud date” Then match forages to soil drainage conditions and select forages according to other qualities, such as winter hardiness, drought tolerance, flooding tolerance, and persistence.

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